If you have traumatic memories about going to the dentist, it can influence your approach to oral health. For example, children may have fears associated with treatment, the tools used, or feel intimidated by the appearance of a dentist. Unfortunately, these fears can follow them for a lifetime.

Dental phobias are incredibly common and affect millions of Americans of all ages. Taking steps to overcome or manage these fears is important when they get in the way of seeking oral healthcare. There are several approaches that a dentist can take to help you and your child have better experiences. 

Trust Between Dentist & Patient

First and foremost, a healthy and trusting relationship between dentist and patient is essential. If your child sees the dentistry staff as familiar friends, trust is established. Once this is achieved, education about treatment procedures can further reduce apprehension. 

Parents or caregivers can play an important role in helping children build a relationship with the dentist. Your little ones turn to you for direction, so creating a positive association with all the team at our family dentistry practice is essential. 

Comfortable & Relaxing Dentistry

The more comfortable and relaxed kids are at the dentist, the better. Amenities like blankets or a favorite toy can help a child relax. Sedation dentistry is also an option in some cases. Part of providing relaxing dentistry includes our recommendations include sticking to a regular oral health regimen that includes brushing and flossing. 

Ensuring that kids attend scheduled dental appointments helps us to identify potential issues. In addition, preventative dentistry is less traumatic for children, so keep an eye out for any signs of poor oral health. Finally, we are happy to provide both parents and kids with all the education needed to keep teeth and gums in excellent health. 

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