Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD, is a condition marked by a dysfunction in the hinge of the jaw, known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Symptoms of TMD include a clicking jaw, improper bite, limited or misaligned movement of the jaw hinge, and others. This can cause many discomforts, such as pain in the jaw, migraines, feelings of tightness around the head, and difficulties with chewing. TMD is linked to causes such as genetics, unbalanced tooth contacts, arthritis, or by unconscious actions such as grinding or clenching the teeth at night.

While most specialists seek only to relieve pain caused by TMD, we at Pine Ridge Dental seek to identify the core culprit of your TMD issues and resolve it. Your TMJ is made up of your jaw joint, your muscles, and your teeth. All three parts need to work together for health.  TMD is often a sign of structural disharmonies in the jaw, teeth, bite, and musculature of your lower face. By identifying the disharmony, we can fix the underlying issue and relieve the jaw of pain.

Treat Your TMD Issues

We have the knowledge and skills to treat your TMD issues right in our clinic. Our dentistry features state-of-the-art laser treatment options that are painless, heatless, and promote relaxation and immediate relief to your pain. Pine Ridge Dental also provides at-home options such as mouthguards. These can help protect your teeth from the damage caused by nighttime grinding.

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