Occlusion refers to how the top and bottom teeth touch each other. Your teeth are meant to fit together like puzzle pieces, and function in a specific way with pressure evenly distributed as you bite down. Occlusal Disease occurs when the “bite” of the jaw is uneven, resulting in uneven pressure and uneven guidance when you slide teeth away from straight biting. This can lead to further problems such as tooth and jaw pain, tooth wear, tooth cracks, tooth breakage, and jaw issues.

Occlusal disease is the cause of many tooth problems and can be overlooked in favor of treating its symptoms. That is because typical approaches in dentistry involve tooth-by-tooth treatments instead of looking at the alignment of your teeth.

Preventative Care for Occlusal Disease

We at Pine Ridge Dental take occlusion into account when studying your teeth. The function of the mouth is not just a matter of individual tooth health, but also a matter of how all parts of the jaw work. Our priority is preventative care—correcting Occlusal Disease early on can thwart later damage caused to your teeth.

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Our priority at Pine Ridge Dental is preventative care — focused on correcting Occlusal Disease early to help thwart later damage caused to your teeth. Give us a call at 763-856-5100 or visit us at 26273 2nd Street E , Suite A, Zimmerman, MN 55398