The quarantine has had an enormous impact on many households. It has had good influences in some ways, and in others, it has been a terrible burden. One effect that can go either way is the increase in do-it-yourself projects. Some of these have been quite creative and remarkably successful. Some are duds. For families who have taken this time to experiment with making home products such as cleaning solutions, soaps and toothpaste, creating natural products has become an enjoyable venture. However, it can have a downside.

Know What You Are Working With

DIY projects can be a way of passing the time, learning something new or saving money. Learning about home remedies and useful products that work as well or better than commercial products is exciting. To ensure that your home products are safe, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of the materials you are using.

Safety is always a concern when creating certain products at home, and when it comes to homemade toothpaste, it is genuinely concerning. Some ingredients, such as baking soda, have long been used as an alternative to toothpaste commercial brands. It is generally safe to use, but its abrasive nature combined with aggressive brushing can lead to erosion of dental enamel. Overuse of the product can cause damage to the teeth.

Keeping the Balance

Your mouth is full of bacteria, some of it is good, and some is harmful. When your oral environment changes such that harmful bacteria can grow, you may experience swelling and inflammation. Essential oils, hydrogen peroxide and other substances are often used in homemade products. These can create a hostile environment that changes the microbiome of your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with Listerine is a viable option as an oral rinse, however, if used in too-high concentrations can cause problems with tooth enamel. 

Before using a homemade product on your teeth daily, check-in with your dentist to ensure that the ingredients will not harm your teeth or soft tissues. If you use products that do not contain fluoride, you may be creating a more cavity-prone environment for your teeth, particularly if you have an unquenchable sweet tooth.

DIY projects can be gratifying. It is fun to make something new, and it is wonderful to save a little money in the process. When creating products that go on your skin or in your mouth, be sure the products you are making are not doing more harm than good.

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