Do you skip dental checkups to save money? It sounds like a good idea when your teeth are healthy and you practice oral hygiene every day. All you have to pay for is any necessary dental treatments and avoid unnecessary costs.

If you make a visual inspection of your teeth and gums and they look fine, is there any need for a checkup? You can eat, drink, speak, and smile without issues. That must mean you are experiencing great oral health. Unfortunately, the teeth and gums are much like the organs of the body. You can’t always tell when there are serious health problems brewing.

Dental Checkup Benefits

A dental check-up is designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Now, that may sound like you are being sold insurance that will protect you in the event of unexpected issues. If those issues never arise, have you wasted a significant amount of money on your dental checkups?

The simple answer is no. Your dental checkups will always protect your teeth for several reasons. A deep clean of your teeth and gums will remove any tartar and plaque from hard to reach others. If you miss checkups, these harmful substances will begin to cause decay and other dental issues.

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is preferable to restorative dentistry. Protecting natural tooth structure is important for great oral health. During a comprehensive exam and deep clean, your dentist will look for signs of any problems that could compromise teeth, gums, or supporting bone structure. Without dental checkups, these issues will remain undetected until you notice changes in your teeth and gums or experience pain.

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