There are many reasons that people do not like to visit the dentist. For some, fear is the biggest motivator. For others, it’s the price. However, no matter the cause of your reluctance to get dental work done, you deserve to feel comfortable and stress-free when visiting your dentist.

At Pine Ridge Dental, we value every patient and the unique experiences they bring to our Minnesota office. Whether you are a new patient or already part of the family, our goal is to deliver excellence in oral health through open communication, education, and the provision of effective treatment plans.

We Chase Away Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is a reality for a large number of Americans. If you experience anxiety and/or outright terror at the thought of visiting the dentist, the Pine Ridge Dental team can provide support.  Young children are especially vulnerable to nerves when it comes to dental treatments. Our dentistry professionals love kids and work hard to provide reassurance throughout treatment. Education is a key component in helping children in Minnesota look after their teeth and gums. At Pine Ridge Dental, we value any opportunity to teach the importance of oral health.

Ultimately, our approach is individualized to the needs of each patient, ensuring that your voice is always heard.  For example, when it comes to certain patients who fear the numbing sensation of anesthesia, we take as much time as you need, applying warmed anesthetics slowly, while at the same time checking in with you to make sure you feel safe and sound.

We Cater to Busy Lifestyles

If you lead a busy life which has resulted in missing dental appointments, Pine Ridge Dental provides convenient dentistry. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way and families have to prioritize as best they can. If conflicts in scheduling are preventing you or your children from maintaining excellent oral health, give our team a call today.

If you suffer from dental phobia, Pine Ridge Dental offers will provide the compassion you deserve.  Reach out today to benefit from state-of-the-art technology in diagnosis and treatment. We are a family-friendly dentist that serves patients in Minnesota.