Dental anxiety is a large reason why people avoid getting the dental care they need.

Anxiety is a physical reaction to being hurt, scared, or traumatized. If you have ever had a difficult experience in the dental office, you know that your body is going into full alert and telling you to avoid that situation again.

Fear of the dentist is real – not only among children:

We take dental anxiety seriously and want to help you manage and change your body’s reaction.  Long term easier dental visits can happen.  A first visit would be to get to know us and decide if you can trust us or not. Do we understand where you are coming from? Short or little treatment first is best so that you see that we are here for you. We can discuss how you are in control of what happens. You can stop us at any time.  With compassionate personalized care, communication, and no judgement- we know you will feel more at ease. We see it happen all the time. Our goal is help you feel calmer and more confident during procedures.

Waiting just makes dental work tougher on you:

It will leave you with less choices and more expense. We can help. Our goal is to help you through this and have enough positive experiences (experiential truths) that you can get the care you need with less anxiety and stress for the rest of your life.