Something that dentists see frequently is patients who have allowed oral hygiene and care to lapse. There are various reasons for this, with feelings of worthlessness being chief among them. However, another leading reason for poor oral health is the lack of education and encouragement in childhood. 

While it is true that most parents do a great job of helping kids understand the importance of caring for teeth, the family dentist should also play a major role. When a child gets their first tooth, they begin a battle against poor oral health that spans decades. Having the same dentist for life, who forms meaningful relationships with patients, makes for a priceless alliance. 

Fear of the Dentist

Going to the dentist for the first time can be a daunting experience for a small child. In addition, the environment, sound and appearance of dental tools and the professionals who provide dentistry may cause intimidation. 

A child should not be expected to work through dental phobias alone. In fact, this approach will likely lead to irrational fears becoming more pronounced over time. The first solution to addressing these fears is trusting pediatric dentistry to a kind, understanding, and compassionate dentist. Then, with the right education and patience, most kids can see visits to the dentist as a positive experience. 

Scheduling Convenience

Scheduling appointments for kids’ dentistry is one of the greatest challenges for parents. Checkups are necessary to identify any potential oral health problems and reinforce education. However, if you or your child’s everyday obligations are getting in the way of attending dental appointments, a family dentist should make every accommodation possible to make dental care more convenient. 

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